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Cultural Things To Do In Durban

Add A Little Culture On Your Things To Do In Durban List

Durban might be known for its diving, swimming, surfing, teeny tiny bikinis and sand castles, but there are more things to do in Durban than water recreational parks and sand.

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In the town of Howick Nelson, Nelson Mandela the tata of South Africa was captured and arrested, symbolising the beginning of his 27 years of incarceration it was also here in Inanda, it is also where he began his new journey by casting his first vote as a free man.

Tata Madiba is not the only culture which you can expect to find in this flourishing port, during the 1893’s the rickshaw was introduced by the sugar magnate Sir Marshall Campbell, the Ricksha pullers have been operating for more than 100 years.

Cultural Things To Do In Durban Ricksha PullersCultural Things To Do In Durban Ricksha Pullers

5 Cultural Experiences in Durban You Need To See

1. Ricksha Through The Treasures Of Durban

Meet the city on a Ricksha bus, the best introduction to the treasures that Durban offer. The Ricksha double-decker bus is known for the toplessness giving you a firsthand view of the beachfront, uShaka Marine World, Emmanuel Cathedral, Victoria Street Market, Buman Bush and the Blue Lagoon.

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2. Botanical Gardens

In the subtropical climate of the Botanical Gardens spans an area of 15 hectares. The botanical gardens are the oldest surviving gardens in Africa and Durban’s oldest publication institute.

The first gardens were established in December 1849 on the edge of the Berea Ridge next to the Umgeni River.

The botanical gardens are perfect for admiring the flora of Africa during a romantic or relaxing picnic.

Cultural Things To Do In Durban Botanical GardensCultural Things To Do In Durban Botanical Gardens

3. Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape

The Kingdom of Mapungubwe is a South African National Heritage Site, World Heritage site and an archaeological site.

It is said the Kingdom of Mapungubwe was the first class-based social system in the southern Africa, by means that the leaders were separated from and higher in rank than other inhabitants.

Mapungubweans did not leave any written recordings; speculations regarding the society are based on the remains of the buildings.

The remains date back to the 11th century. Click To Tweet

4. Mahatma Gandhi’s Phoenix Settlement

Learn more about where Mahatma Gandhi lived and founded the printing press. Gandhi’s house is named Sarvordaya which means “Well Being For All” and was originally built for Gandhi and his family when the Phoenix Settlement was established in 1904.

The house burnt down during the Inanda Riots in 1985, the house which is open to tourists is a reconstruction of Gandhi’s house.

The newspaper “Opinion” was established in 1904 and continued publication to 1961.

Cultural Things To Do In Durban Gandhi HouseCultural Things To Do In Durban Gandhi House

5. Shakaland

The Shakaland Zulu cultural village is a replication of a Zulu “Umuzi| or homestead which offers traditional ceremonies, teaches Zulu customs, offers traditionally brewed beer and the thrill of foot-stomping tribal dances by assegai-wielding warriors in traditional animal skins to consultations with a sangoma and an inyanga.

Back To The Beginning Of Durban Culture

From the beginning of Ricksha driver’s to the time of Madiba, Durban is the place you want to explore your cultural curiosities.

If you want to find out about more things to do in Durban’s cultural scenery can offer you, read our articles on cheap flights to Durban, cultural activities to do in Durban and our blockbuster list of things to do in Durban. You’ll be booking your flight by the time you’re done having a look at all that this city has to offer!

No vacation is complete without a little bit of culture so take a ride on the Ricksha or go visit Inanda, your vacation will be that much richer.

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